Luxury convalescence: fast-forwarding

In this particular context, MAD undertook a detailed report on the strategic challenges of Luxury Maisons post-Covid-19.
The study “Luxury convalescence: fast-forwarding” will be released in several stages, every two weeks, from the end of May to mid-July 2020.

Part 1: 2020 – Managing the unmanageable, from economic shakedown to reinvented clients

An introductory part of the study on the post-Covid-19 economic impacts and the challenges of changing customer behavior.

This first part offers a financial analysis of the Industry, covering the Maisons’ latest statements, and a consolidation of the 2020 perspectives.
It then details how the crisis became a ruthless accelerator of at least 4 cross-category trends for the Maisons, originated by the Luxury clients before the outbreak: the Chinese Luxury market, the conquest of local client, the “No-Channel” and the “Brand Purpose”

Part 2
Category matters: from Watches & Jewelry to Beauty

The second part of the study focuses on two very different categories, at both ends of the spectrum of the Luxury Industry, yet a source of mutual inspiration: Watches & Jewelry and Beauty. Two industries whose Business Model is still strongly based on Wholesale, and where the strategies of “Direct-To-Consumer” are crucial.